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Best Quality:Mold Fabrication

Start with quality, destination will be excellence.

Producing premium quality and precise production .

High quality is one of our keywords that make different HUADA injection molding products all the times. In that manner, we are able to provide customers with the exact and appropriate products to each customer’s specific production requirement and able to track every products produced from the time a project is conceived to the time the machine is delivered and operational.

Our products have an extremely strong frame, which is assembled with highest quality components, and their technical features help to exceed the ordinary industrial standard requirements. For unique and perfect components, we use stringent quality control in every single production process. Every machine is controlled by sophisticated computer systems, which provide the most detailed quality control and operational data to the control management. That is why currently we can do 50 sets molds every months and our biggest CNC stroke size is 2600*3200 MM. Our heaviest mold is 25 tons.

We have strong and strict control department, which are always controlling and monitoring all the dimension and tolerances of the individual parts and components. QC engineer and technicians always working with varieties of tools and assemble all the components in such a way to the molds which meet the specification and request from engineer department. Through this, we continued with innovation for highest quality components. We provide the best components of the plastic and metal, which are used by many companies from which they get smooth manufacturing units and able to produces more products rather than before.

Our all components are highly tested by the four quality management systems ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and ROHS. Through which customer guarantee received reliable and satisfactory products from incoming material to finished goods.

HUADA is the best for plastic and metal components and poised to meet the challenges and lead the thermoplastic industry of the 21st century.