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Stainless Steel Casting Foundry - Mold Fabrication

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in Molding.

As HuaDa Stainless steel foundry, it is HK based company which mainly proceed the mold fabrication, stainless steel casting production and finish CNC machining job for your part since 2010 with good management and quality service, and certified with ISO 9001 and 16949 qualified standard. In-house machine shop with CMM to meet 0.01mm tolerance, Modern QC equipment and production to meet ASTM, DIN,JIS Standards. Besides HuaDa foundry supplier provide Heat Treatment, polish, plating, E-coat and assemble to a component. now our stainless steel casting job gain the good reputation with the high quality & reasonable price from our customer at Europe, and USA.

And our stainless steel foundry also specialize at investment casting, then what is called investment casting process, and how to be a good investment casting supplier or manufacturer? It require an aluminum die first, Wax is injected into this aluminum die to produce a pattern that is an exact replica of the part to be produced. For every casting, a wax pattern must be manufactured. The patterns are clustered around gate and repeatedly dipped into an agitated vat of ceramic and allowed to dry. Also own foreign American consultant for Casting, Machining engineering to solve all technical problem. Our mainly use material include carbon steel, stainless steel, High speed steel, tool steel. Referred product include industrial Values, Fittings, Pumps. Turbine, Fire hydrant and Machinery.

Investment casting can make use of most metals, most commonly using aluminum alloys, bronze alloys, magnesium alloys, cast iron, stainless steel, and tool steel. This process is beneficial for casting metals with high melting temperatures that can not be molded in plaster or metal. Parts that are typically made by investment casting include those with complex geometry such as turbine blades or firearm components. High temperature applications are also common, which includes parts for the automotive, aircraft, and military industries.

Also HuaDa Foundries have equipped in-house machine shop for the turning, milling, drilling, Tapping services etc, the critical dimensions could be machined by modern facilities of Machine-Centers, CNC-Lathe Machines from their machining program linking system to match customers' CAD/CAM drawings. Besides Casting tolerance meet to IC Institute /USA. VDE P690,DIN1680/1690, ISO-8062 Standard with Powerful R&D 13- persons and QC 25-persons team, Provide Standard EN 10204 3.1, CMM, CPK,… Inspection Report.

Also HuaDa plastic molding factory provide mold fabrication, reaction injection mold making, injection mold maker job and plastic molding since 2005. HuaDa equipped with 8000m2 workshop, 60 sets mold monthly production capability. We manufacture small, precision-engineered, injection-molded components used in a wide array of applications in diverse industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, consumer appliance, office furniture, telecom, business equipment, and recreational vehicle and boating markets. We offer customers full-service manufacturing solutions that include design, engineering, mold making, production – including insert molding, overmolding and encapsulation of components – value-added assembly, inventory management, and distribution. Our project management expertise and service model provide clients with a smooth, seamless experience and total quality assurance from start to finish.

A Certified Commitment to Quality

Committed to quality in every aspect of our business, we are a registered recipient of both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality certifications. We are also an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) registered molder with material lot trace capabilities. More than 150 million injection molded plastic parts and components are manufactured annually by HuaDa. The wide array of parts includes such items as gears, bushings, bobbins, lamp sockets, knobs, wire harness components, fuse components, vacuum cleaner parts, computer connectors, stereo speaker frames and current-carrying devices, as well as cosmetic-critical components and close-tolerance precision parts.Additional HuaDa also provide silk print pad print, sprint paint finish secondary process, reaction injection mold and in mold decoration job.


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Our Full Service Strategy Unlocks the
3 Keys to Success

1 producing premium quality
precise Production

HUADA producing premium quality of products by using high quality of materials from that we achieve the delight of customer.

We are the leading name of manufacturing a diverse range of plastic molded components with strength, consistency, high quality function, faultless design and other user-friendly features.

We checks and test all the products at the time of manufacturing in order to determine their quality. All the test of various parameters like design, size, performance and other are take places under the strict vigilance of our supervisors and quality inspectors. Our precise production helps us to meet the needs of the customers.

2 Quality Control
Experienced Technicians
Skilled Worker

HUADA have experienced and qualified technicians with their quality awareness, we are able to meet all the specific demands of the clients.

Our skilled workers are always focusing regarding their jobs and have made breakthroughs in efficient product design and development. Other then these production management teams and skilled workers always assist us and enable us to manufacture products not only for as per industry standards but also at the same time as per what our client specification.

In additional to that we have skilled logistics and transportation personnel, sales and marketing managers. Through that, we are able to deliver the products on time at competitive price.

3 Special Expertise
Advance Technology

HUADA using advanced technology equipment and modern testing measures that help in testing the products. Through our technological enhancements and dedicated workforce, we are able to keep ourselves at par with the industry demands.

We are growing up with modern equipment, which is well arranged with complicated machines, so we continuously upgrading our machines to maintain their efficiency. Our advanced equipment help customer to reduce manufacturing cost of the products and provides excellent quality of products in right time.

Our advanced software and equipment are also helpful for our designing requirements. We assure every component is thoroughly inspecting with advance equipment in order to make us achieve our goal of total product management.

Industry Recognition

ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004

Blue Fountain Media's Awards

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